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BEFORE you try out there are some requirements:

1. You must have a good, working microphone. This should be obvious, but I'm mentioning it anyway.

2. Voice files will only be accepted in the following formats: MP3, MP2, or WAVE. That is it. Nothing else will be accepted. This is to insure quality as well as convertability.

3. Unless the role you are trying out for is supporting, remember that this is a commitment. If things go well we may even get as far as the bridge battle before it gets officially liscensed. So please

4. You can try out for any sex character you want, as long as you think you can make it work.

5. You MUST be able to devote time to this whenever I need you! This is highly important. Which also means I prefer people who have AIM or ICQ. If you don't have them it's okay. But I do prefer you have at least one of them.

7. You have to have seen up to episode 25 of the anime if you want to try for Naruto himself. All other roles are open to anyone who can pull them off. :)

All that said, here's how to apply:

Email me at songbird21@charter.net In the subject line put: Naruto fandub application. In the message I need:

Name (real or net):
IM program: (AIM, ICQ or none)
Best times to catch you online:
Character you would like to try out for: (Please only list three)

You may also IM me if you want to see if you can catch me online. I'm on quite a bit, so you have a good chance. On AIM I'm Songmyhill. My ICQ number is 27953863.

After I recieve your message I will contact you for a time and method of getting your lines to me. Please watch the part of the episode these lines refer to before you record the lines. I want the emotion to be as accurate as possible. If, after hearing your audition, I decide you are right for the part (Or suggest you for another part) I will contact you with further details.

Please note: I do thing a little differantly than some producers. I give people video clips (Subtitled) of the actual lines being said. I feel this brings out the best possible voice match. Most of the files are 1mb or under so even if you have dial up you should be okay.

Okay. Now that that's out of the way. Here are the role that have not been filled:

(Right click and choose 'save as' to get the files)


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